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February 20, 2010


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“it’s not that you wished you had it but couldn’t; it’s more like you could have got it, but you are too lazy and slow.”


The game is finally here!


Remember how I talked about this anime? Well there’s a new game for it.

Sadly, I can't read Japanese.

Uhhh yeah that’s all I had to say. I also have some pictures to upload, but that can wait.


February 16, 2010

Eden of the East

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I just finished watching Eden of the East. I would have to say that I don’t know if it’s just me that wasn’t paying attention or that they didn’t explain their terminology well enough because all of a sudden it threw some term like “Johnnies” at me. I don’t really know what it stands for and same with the terminology “NEET”.  But anyways, it was overall a pretty good series, though the ending didn’t make enough sense. But nowadays, not a lot of endings make any sense at all. They usually just leave it up to you and your imagination. But it’s never to my satisfaction because everything that goes on within my mind is usually tragic. Therefore, I’m not satisfied until you give me a proper ending.

Not the best of art for this anime, but the story or atmosphere in the anime makes up for that.

Long Weekend

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It is yet another long weekend and I have skipped fifth period on Thursday and Friday. There hasn’t been a lot of posts and I’m thinking that posting episodics aren’t really my thing. Especially because it’s time consuming, and I’m new to this anime blogging. That meaning, it takes about an hour or so for one posts and screenshots. :\

I’ve been watching Trinity Blood lately because I’m into the whole OMGVAMPIRESSUCKMYBLOOOOODDDDDD thing. I can’t say I’m disappointed there isn’t much I’m unsatisfied with. I think it’s okay and I guess creative since there are CRUSNIK’s who suck vampires’ blood and such. But of all things you’re going to call it a CRUSNIK wtf is a crusnik………..

But then again, technically saying anyone can think of a vampire and something that sucks a vampires blood etc whatever.  I’m on episode 23 and it’s alright, I think it’s no explaining enough and they’re rushing the plot too much.

Feb. 16, 2010

Mm, I’m just going to continue this post that I drafted two days ago. I finished Trinity Blood and the ending was well.. could have been better. It’s another one of those endings that leave you hanging and if they have enough money for a season two they’ll air it. :| LAME.

February 4, 2010

Nail designs

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I’ve had these in my journal, and decided to colour them on the computer…well draw them on the computer.

It doesn’t really look like nails…but you get what I mean. Next post I’ll show some pictures of what I’ve created.

February 2, 2010

Tag tutorial

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Made another tutorial!

How to make tagsMore DIY How To Projects

I will also post some images of what I’ve created these past weeks [Maybe my next post]. If you would like to know how to make any of the things, you can request for a tutorial :]

Thanks for looking!

January 29, 2010

DURARARA!! Episode 4

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Before I watch it, I’m just going to blog about what I expect from this episode. But I’m guessing it’ll start with something about Shizuo, some introductory blahblah. Probably going a little more into the history between Shizuo and Izaya. But then again, DURARARA!! throws fruits at me so I’m not sure what kind of episode this will be…

Alone with Only your Shadow for Comfort


The episode started off with a reporter that was interviewing people about Celty, introduced as Kishitani Shinra in the OP.


So they’re talking about Selty and if he exists… the guy continues to walk with the hand cam in his face documenting whether you find the headless rider cool, scary, or that you don’t really know how to react to it.

Now we skip to a scene of an airplane in the air with Selty looking at it, sort of, since she has no head. So, I guess in this episode Shinra’s going to be narrating, apparently he’s 24. He’s an unlicensed doctor who repairs people with illegal weapons and does cosmetic surgery for people who need to change their face for whatever reasons.

He gets home and we see… someone in the shower, and that’s when Shinra states that he lives with Selty. Selty can’t talk but they voice her typing. They discuss about Selty finding her head, how she’s the only Dullahan materialized in the city. They talk about the days task, which was easily handled. A scene with Izaya and Selty talking about “DULLAHAN” which is apparently a headless fairy in Ireland. Izaya tells her about an old man who met a Dullahan in the past and lost her head. Then we see her speeding off asking people about the street artist who was apparently headed to Yokahoma.

Shinra narrates about the Dullahan in the past and how she would visit people who are near death. If you open the door you’d get a bucket of blood thrown at you.


Starts off with Shinra talking about Selty who is apparently a Dullahan. A Dullahan is a headless fairy from Ireland who is looking for her head. Shinra and Selty who live together discuss the days events. A scene with Selty and Izaya discussing about a street artist who talked about losing the Dullahan’s head.

The topic of Shinra’s story will be why Selty is so particular about her head.

Start of part two:


Shinra is narrating about Selty awakening twenty years ago in the mountains without her head and several memories lost. She lost her memories of why she did what she did but she knew she was a Dullahan, her name, and how to use her abilities.

Selty couldn’t catch the old man everywhere she went to visit him, and a scene with Shizuo came up where he provided her with his location and went with her for convenience in talking.

The old man said he’s seen her when he was young but doesn’t recall seeing her head. And can’t seem to figure out how it looked like.

Shinra starts recording again about seeing her stowed away in the ship. Telling his father what he saw, his father decided to talk to her. They agreed on an autopsy and provided her a place to stay. Ever since then Shinra has been attracted to her. Selty disrupts him to tell him that she can’t sleep and so the recording stops there and shows that the weird man who told the street artist that she doesn’t need a head was indeed Shinra.


Overall, this wasn’t anything like what I expected… with Shinra narrating and Selty’s past. I still really like the music that goes with each and every scene along with the feeling it provides. Not much action, goes more in depth with the characters and their past. I can’t say it was a bad episode, it just wasn’t action packed but still interesting. I like how Durarara!! would give each character some screen time but only with reason. For example when Shizuo was there to provide information to Selty, we could tell he’s similar to Izaya in some ways or another with the whole informant aspect. Seems like in the next episode Masaomi and Mikado will get more screen time.

January 27, 2010


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After watching the entire three series available, I have a question to every Minami-ke viewer out there. Who is your least favourite character?


My least favourite Character would most DEFINITELY would be Ushida. She’s not only annoying, spoiled, and retarded. She’s also greedy, stupid, and always takes things for granted. I can’t express my dislike for her. She really just ruins the show for me. It’s a cute and funny show with slice of life elements but USHIDA. WHY?! I guess you can’t always have what you want, huh.


please shove something down my throat! i’m not worthy, i’m not worthy!

January 26, 2010

Umineko OP, Katayoku no Tori

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The song is really dramatic in the beginning. Although the beginning scares me everytime I play it I think it’s an overall nice song. (lol, nice is so descriptive)

Anyways, if you haven’t listened I suggest you check it out. But if you’re simply not interested then don’t blame me. It has a sort of old setting considering how it’s the OP for Umineko.


Umineko was alright, ‘cept I found the ending pretty crap because it just started mixing people from the future. And then the future adjusted to one of the games between Battler and Beatrice.

January 25, 2010


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Hey all readers. You guys are special! I put this up before I upload on to my DeviantArt. ENJOY. It took me forever to make it…sigh, I hate my slow computer.

Oops, sorry it’s really small. I hope you can understand it through pictures. If not, CLICK HERE FOR MY DEVIANTART VERSION


Once I get Sims 3[after exams], I’ll talk about it here.

Oh….gotta talk about Gintama too. I guess everything will have to be done after exams…unfortunately my semester 2 is harder :/ Uhhhhhh….I should be studying right now. Hmmm…that’s it :]

This is what I’ve been playing on my cousin’s iphone..My name dominated the whole high score list, until he beat me D: now only two of my names remain…You have to slide this penguin and make it jump on snowflakes……and I’ve been playing this too.

I’m on puzzle 135, no I didn’t skip any of them. But some I got others to finish it for me.

Try out the games if you have an iphone. They’re very addicting ;D

Yes. I know.

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Lately, it’s just like, exams and then I feel too lazy to update my blogs. I mean I was reading some articles on anime blogging somewhere along the lines of passion and obsession. And how there’s a difference. If this is just an obsession, I guess I shouldn’t have started this blog without knowing what I got myself into.
I’m really going to reflect upon this, and try writing with my inner passion instead of just, rambling. I mean anyone can ramble. Hahaha,


Well, since it’ is somewhere along the lines of passion I’m going to have to start now. This is something I have a problem with. People sitting behind the computer screen, old, young, doesn’t matter. But a lot of them have huge attitude problems. When people are being nice and starting out as a noob, okay, I understand that you don’t necessarily need to help them out.

But,  how did you start out, maybe you didn’t start out new and without a partner that hasn’t gotten as much experience as your previous partners. Would you feel, in anyway, obliged to be as blunt and ‘smartass’ as you could sound? Because, I find a lot of people behind the computer screen  being a big dumbass. Using big words, trying to sound smart, and trying to sound OLDER.

Another thing is, when people act as if they know that your passion is diminished and dying. Hopeless. Whatever. But they don’t know anything. Unless you were me, you wouldn’t feel the same now would you.

I think I am being a slight hypocritical here because at one point, I was a faggot. I was ‘cool’ or at least I thought I was. To be honest, I think morals are more important than big words. Maybe you should reflect on what you’re saying as a person. Being too bright, being too blunt, being dishonest. In my opinion, if you have so much time on your hands to go around on the internet insulting people, you need a life. Don’t make fun of people for being a ‘noob’. Don’t go around lying to people or purposely giving them criticism that isn’t even constructive or any good.

Anyways, I know I kind of rambled, or just rambled, but my point being is try to think before you act. Be less hypocritical, less of a smartass. Reflect upon your actions and just relax.

I’m just expressing my point of view, not directing this is anyone in particular.

The point is, both in good and bad, he wrote with insight and passion, and that’s what I want to see from anime bloggers. Don’t make a post when you have nothing to say. Don’t force yourself to watch a show that you have no interest in. Don’t try to keep up with everything that’s popular just because you don’t want to get left behind, because both your blogging and your fandom will suffer for it, and the more you force yourself into stuff you don’t care about, the more you’ll grow indifferent or opposed to the fandom as a whole. Start showing your passion in your posts again, and not only will your writing feel better, but it will be fun to read.

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